Josiah first picked up the guitar when he was in junior high; soon he was writing his own music, recording, and, eventually, performing his own music and touring. After his freshman year of college, he realized he couldn’t juggle writing, recording, and touring with the responsibilities of college so, after the release of his first full-length CD,The Morning Light, he put off school to start touring full-time.

The following years brought new music in the form of two EPs (Chasing The Wind and Oceans) and performing more than 500 concerts nationwide with various bands/friends including Future of Forestry, Esterlyn, and Lybecker. In September 2011, Josiah began work on his second full-length CD, the tour-de-force All Forgotten Things, which released in early 2012.

“The idea behind All Forgotten Things came from the example of the Christian walk in comparison to Israel,” explains Josiah. “Just like how Israel always forgot God’s goodness and faithfulness in saving them and then still turning away from God and towards idols, so we turn away from Him and forgot our true love and joy.”